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*Control Your Self*

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*Control Your Self*

Post by Daisy on Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:29 pm

Anger,fear, shame rise our arterial pressure and cause you stomachaches.
Express what you feel without screaming and trust yourself more that
you do with the others around you.

When you let your anger control your life you can't eat or sleep. You
feel tired and depressed. Don't scream at the persons around you when
you are angry because you will become worse and the same time don't
keep what you feel inside because it will get worse. It is better if
you explain then what made you so angry, trust more your strength to
fight your fears and always think at the positive aspects of the

Negative emotions like anger or fear stimulated the level of adrenaline
leading to the rise of the pressure and thus to headaches. At the same
time you sweat and feel you
r stomach is also burning with anger. These are the first signs you are going to have health problems due to the nerves.

When you are angry the solution is to express your feelings but without
shouting. If you do that besides your anger you will also feel tired
and feel like doing anything.

When you fear something it is very important to think positively and
trust yourself. If you are anxious before an important meeting don't
look at it as at a threatening situation. Think that the others will
leant something interesting from you and they wont spend their time
criticizing you. It is compulsory to face the situation and not hide
from it because the confrontation is inevitable.

One of the solutions to all these problems is laughing. The persons who
laugh more have fewer problems than those who never smile. The persons
in love never have troubles in dealing with their unexpected situations
in life or at least they leave it on the second plan. They don't spend
their time thinking at trifles. Friends and family can also be helpful.
If you tend to isolate yourself , you will have all the time in the
world to think at the negative aspects of your life. Always plan
interesting activities and never let loneliness affect your mood.

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Re: *Control Your Self*

Post by roshini on Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:20 pm

gud post gud post gud post

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