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KARMA :A New Point System On "Frenz4Ever" !!!


KARMA :A New Point System On "Frenz4Ever" !!!

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 22, 2009 5:10 pm

Hi Dear “Frenz4Ever”

“Frenz 4 Ever” brings 4 U something new & excting again.V at “Frenz 4 Ever” constantly strive to maintain excellent quality, in all the fields. So now, to make the postings more competitive n worthwhile we have started a point system on “Frens4Ever” .The point system will be known as “karma”, which can b awarded by any member to fellow members…

You can give positive karma & negative karma. A +ve can b given to members 4 posts that u feel is worth while & it needs to be highly appreciated , a -ve should b given if a member breaks any rules, or post something U feel impropriate…any member can award karmas to another members but only 1 karma can b awarded to member in 10 minz ie; if U awarded a +ve karma to a member you can award next karma to that mem only after 10 minz… however U can award a ‘karma” to another member immediately

Members are requested to use this point system wisely…Please justify your awards. ( or punishment in form of –ve karma) let this point system be a motivating factor to members to post better n better … PLEASE DO NOT go to old posts n start giving karmas to ur friends just to increase his/her karma counts. Also don’t base your awardings on your friendship and award unnecessarily just to increase the karma counts of ur friends.Award to posts U feel is really worth appreciating highly… when using a negative karma please see that you have ample of reasons to give a post negative, your personal like or dislike should not colour your decisions to award the karmas.. so go ahead now, n post better n n earn many many karmas…it will b a barometer to ur efforts …

How to award this points is shown in the image below…


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Re: KARMA :A New Point System On "Frenz4Ever" !!!

Post by SourabhBasak on Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:32 pm

Good job bro.....


Re: KARMA :A New Point System On "Frenz4Ever" !!!

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:51 pm

thanx budy...this will surely increase the competitive in postings Thums up

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Re: KARMA :A New Point System On "Frenz4Ever" !!!

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