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Comunication of life...Lolzz


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Comunication of life...Lolzz

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 25, 2009 12:42 pm

Roving Rat
Dispatcher: 9-1-1 What is your emergency?
Caller: Someone broke into my house and took a bite out of my ham and cheese sandwich .
Dispatcher: Excuse me?
Caller: I made a ham and cheese sandwich and left it on the kitchen table and when I came back from the bathroom, someone had taken a bite out of it.
Dispatcher: Was anything else taken?
Caller: No, but this has happened to me before and I'm sick and tired of it!

Dispatcher: 9-1-1 What is the nature of your emergency?
Caller: I' m trying to reach nine eleven but my phone doesn't have an eleven on it.
Dispatcher: This is nine eleven.
Caller: I thought you just said it was nine-one-one
Dispa tcher: Yes, ma'am nine-one-one and nine-eleven are the same thing.
Caller: Honey, I may be old, but I'm not stupid.

On His Way Out
Dispatcher: 9-1-1 What's the nature of your emergency?
Caller: My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart
Dispatcher: Is this her first child?
Exasperated Caller: No, you knucklehead, This is her husband calling.
First child is sitting in the womb!

Healthy Calling
Dispatcher: 9-1-1
Caller: Yeah, I'm having trouble breathing. I'm all out of breath. Darn....I think I'm going to pass out.
Dispatcher: Sir, where are you calling from?
Caller: I'm at a pay phone on North and State Street.
Dispatcher: ! Sir, an ambulance is on the way. Are you an asthmatic?
Caller: No, I am healthy.
Dispatcher: What were you doing before you started having trouble breathing?
Caller: Jogging five miles.

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Frenz Hero

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Re: Comunication of life...Lolzz

Post by roshini on Wed Mar 25, 2009 1:51 pm

gud post gud post gud post

"You can't tell time, time tells you."


Re: Comunication of life...Lolzz

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 27, 2009 10:05 pm

lol poor emergency guyz lol3 lol3 lol3

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Re: Comunication of life...Lolzz

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