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{{Thank You}}

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{{Thank You}}

Post by Daisy on Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:48 am

The day you when you walked into my life
I couldnít have asked for anything more
Youíre the most amazing man that Iíve ever met
I look forward to what fate has in store.

From your first smile and the twinkle in your beautiful blue eyes
To our first date in your lap on the chair
I started to fall, with no fear at all
Into an incredible love, deep and rare.

A month later you walked in just to say hi for a while
You had to go back to work later that night
You just wanted to see me and it made my whole day
That same blue twinkle grew so big and bright

You took me to look at some rings in the store
The one already in your pocket safe and sound
I knew nothing about it but Lynda was smiling
The perfect one I thought we had found

We went back later to buy it and you tried to hide it
The OTHER perfect ring you had bought
I wasnít sure what to do. It WAS perfect too!
Now in a dilemma we were caught.

Do I take the ones WE chose there together?
Do I take the ones YOU bought with love?
We picked the ones that we found because the bands matched
Now they fit our hands like a glove

I was your Lady in Red on December thirteenth
You were so handsome in your bow tie and tails
God led us to each other, nurturing our hearts and our souls
If we do the same, I pray love never fails

Youíre my angel, my lover, my best friend, my heart
And I am so thankful that I am your love


Re: {{Thank You}}

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 16, 2009 1:10 pm

gud post daisy ji

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