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Discussion : what browser do U use ??


Discussion : what browser do U use ??

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:47 pm

hi frenz,

lets discuss here, what browser do u use usualy to browse the web? what is ur fav browser n Y ??

I use IE8 the most, i like its interface, n its stability, it is more compact n secure than IE7, n does'nt crashes too often, (even firefox crases too much this days)

The "in private browsing" is a welcome function, where U can browse privately, no history is recorded of ur browsing ( i have'nt used this function too much yet, only twice to test it)

Installed toolbars can be easily deleted by just 1 click, sumthing that was too much annoying in IE 6-7.

The compatibility view feature is sumthing i did'nt find anything useful. Visuality is same as in IE7.

overall, IE8 run much better in win VISTA & win 7 than on win XP...

but still i luv it... [;)] over all a MUCH better thing in all counts than d boring IE6.

only regrets is microsoft does'nt let IE to b coustomied like firefox..

So watz ur fav ???

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