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hope'll never die


hope'll never die

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 06, 2009 8:25 pm

Someone waiting with brows so wet,
Gleam of his eyes hasn't returned yet.

Gazing desperately at the deserted door,
Where he finds his darling no more.

No wind around whispering to tell,
That his sweetheart is perfectly well.

The woes ever soaring day by day,
Shortening his life the beloved's delay.

Lilies bloomed there when she was here,
The gloom now inhabits everywhere.

The tracks they walked on hand in hand,
Deserted is now that fairy land.

Paths of life 've turned too steep,
With ditches of sorrow so much deep.

True was the love,the promises strong,
Intricate to understand what went wrong.

Where had started the expectations' fall,
How were forgotten unforgettable moments all.

Absence of hers has turned him pale,
But firm determination can never fail.

Wait he'll with spirits quite high,
Open is the door,hope'll never die.

Re: hope'll never die

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 07, 2009 8:12 pm

She has gone,she has left,
Leaving me like a cleft.

Standing lonely in the crowd,
No one hears,'m crying aloud.

No friend, no foe,
She has left no clue.

Burning days,cold nights,
Autumn teases,spring bites.

Life never was so useless,
So troublesome,beyond guess.

That's how the dream ends,
Toward disaster the life bends.

This is what the love is,
Fool's paradise,a faithless Miss

Re: hope'll never die

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 07, 2009 8:50 pm

We are getting far away,
Promises turning into hay.

I would never blame you,
It is not my fault too.

It's inserted in our fate,
Although distances we hate.

've you imagined coming days.
A vast sea .... and no bays.

'd we separately survive for long?
In ruinous winds and tides strong.

It may be possible for you,
But such a sin I can't do.

What does the somber life mean?
If removed your love's scene.

Those moments God may not bring,
Without you if my breaths sing.

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Re: hope'll never die

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