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..."Japanese Words in English"...

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sunny ..."Japanese Words in English"...

Post by roshini on Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:32 pm

Japanese Words in English
Just like many English words have proliferated the Japanese language, there are many Japanese words in English as well. Read on further to know these words...

Japanese Words in English
The Japanese language belongs to the Japonic-Ryukyuan group of languages. It is made up of three different scripts, namely kanji, hiragana and katakana. All the three scripts are said to be derived from Chinese characters. The numerals used are Sino-Japanese. Although now the western style Arabic numerals are commonly used. There are a number of Chinese words which have made their place in the Japanese language. At the same time, Japanese also has loanwords from Indo-European languages like English.

Japanese is the official language of Japan and Palau. It is spoken by more than 120 million people around the world. Japanese speaking people are found in Hawaii, Brazil, Peru, Argentina Australia and the United States of America. The State of California has a total of 1.2% Japanese-speaking people. The Japanese language has three main dialects, namely Tokyo dialect, Kyoto-Osaka dialect and Kyushu dialect.

The English language has been enriched with words from different cultures and languages. So how can Japanese words be an exception to this rule? There are many Japanese words in English, but we are unaware that the Japanese words to English are loanwords. The words from other languages, places and names from other countries are written in the katakana script in the Japanese language. The Japanese names, places and words are written in kanji and hiragana scripts.

Japanese Words in the English Language
Japanese Words in English Meaning
Aikido Japanese martial arts
Anime Animation
Bonsai Miniature tree
Dashi Soup stock; fundamental to Japanese cooking
Geisha Professional artist
Haiku Short poem of 3 lines
Harakiri A form of ritual suicide
Hibachi Portable charcoal grill
Honcho Chief or head
Ikebana Flower arrangement
Imari Porcelain ware
Judo Martial arts form
Kabuki Traditional Japanese theatre
Kamikaze Divine wind
Kakemono Vertical Japanese calligraphy scroll
Karaoke Singing pop songs to musical backing
Karate Type of Japanese martial arts
Katsuo Tuna
Kimono Outer garment, generally made of silk
Manga Comics
Makimono Horizontal hand scroll for calligraphy
Miso Paste made from soybean, koji and sea salt
Obi Belt used with a kimono
Origami Paper-folding art
Ramen A variety of Japanese-Chinese noodle soup
Rickshaw Human-pulled vehicle
Sake Alcoholic beverage made from rice
Samurai Japanese warrior
Sayonara Good bye
Sensei Master, teacher
Shoyu Japanese soy sauce
Sudoku Puzzles, although now used for mathematical puzzles
Sumo Japanese wrestling; also national sport of Japan
Sushi Vinegared rice topped with raw fish, shellfish and rarely vegetables
Tanka Short poem form; older than haiku
Teriyaki Cooking technique in which fish or meat is grilled in soy marinade
Tofu Bean curd
Tsunami Cyclone
Tycoon Great Leader; now applied to wealthy businessmen
Ukiyoe Wood block prints
Zen Branch of Mahayana Buddhism
Zori Rice straw sandals; commonly worn with kimono for formal occasions

This list of Japanese words in English is not exhaustive. I have tried and given the most common words here. In case I have missed out on some, please do let me know!

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