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..."How to pick, choose the best job offer?"...

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sunny ..."How to pick, choose the best job offer?"...

Post by roshini on Sat Feb 27, 2010 12:10 pm

By Viren Naidu, TNN

With the economy slowly picking up, several organisations have made layoffs a thing of the past and have started hiring and filling their most urgent vacancies in their respective firms.

Therefore, the million-dollar question is, will this trend throw several job opportunities at job seekers (active and passive)? Experts point out that with economies now in the recovery mode and companies removing the cap on hiring, there are certainly going to be several job prospects to watch out for.

However, they also point out that a year ago, there were unrealistic expectations on the pay packages and growth rates; freshers got big salary packages and experienced candidates sometimes got around a whopping 200 per cent hike, but this may not be the case anymore.

Hemalatha Rajan, director, Ma Foi Management Consultants Ltd who is one of the experts pointing the above expresses, “There is certainly a correction happening in the market in the recruitment domain.”

Shrikant Dikhale, VP-HR, Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd too agrees, “With the global recession showing signs of abatement, the rise in job opportunities are certain. As a result, there are opportunities which would be available as organisations now work towards building their capacities.”

It is, therefore, evident that with the market slowly becoming stable, the business too has started growing and the need for a good employee is being felt due to which vacancies are being created.

And there will be a possibility that job seekers may get overwhelmed by the job offers they receive suddenly after a lull in the job market in the past year, right?

Udit Mittal, MD, Unison International agrees, “Going by the current scenario, job seekers are bound to get excited about the various opportunities that are being made available by the corporate houses. Caution would be the key word as the markets are still not completely stable.”

Deepak Kaistha, managing partner, Planman HR adds, “They need to be patient and should not grab any opportunity hurriedly.”

Therefore, job seekers need to evaluate job offers, post slowdown carefully. Is the company open to flexible work options? Will it offer me growth prospects during the ongoing times? Is the company stable? Will I get laid off if it undergoes a crisis again?

These are a few questions that may hover over your mind while analysing multiple job offers in the current climate.

Chetan L S, VP-people department, Aditi Technologies says, “Job seekers need to evaluate the job opening as well as the organisation carefully, while this is fundamental at all times, it is all the more relevant now as we see the industry recovering from a lean phase. Among the key aspects to consider, one needs to evaluate an organisation’s stability, soundness in business plan, values and ethics, role clarity and long-term career progression before making a change. An organisation that allows people to grow, fosters a healthy work environment, respects its employees, values its customers and is managed well, will be a far better option any day than one which offers you a higher salary but is a suspect in its other virtues.”

Monetary and other benefits are not the only factors one must consider at this point, experts say repeatedly. Other important parameters that one needs to look at are as follows, according to Rajan:

1) stability of the company: One should ask questions on their business plan and goals. Read up and ask around as much as you can before you go for the interview,

2) if the salary is low initially, check for bonuses and performance based incentives in the offering and

3) career advancement opportunities: do you need to start at a level or several levels below your current one? If yes, look out for advancement opportunities for an experienced professional as yourself.

Kaistha adds, “Job seekers now have understood that simply relying on word of mouth or just having an opportunity is not enough now. One needs to be more watchful and flexible about the opportunities they receive. Always evaluate the job opportunity with the skill you possess. Try to gauge if your talent matches with the requirement, so that your performance hardy suffers. If it matches, pick the job.”

Mittal suggests, “While seeking a new job, it is imperative for the candidate to make the organisation realise about the bygone times. This, being one of the most difficult times, has made the candidate realise the value of a stable and fine job. The candidate should create the impression that he/she is here to stay and not go job hopping as soon as the next opportunity comes by.”

The key, therefore, is to not be overwhelmed by the sudden spurt of “job offers” , post the lull. Though they might be available (however, not in plenty) today as opposed to a year ago, it’s vital you evaluate every offer wisely and pick the employer of ‘your’ choice!

How can you pick and choose the best offer among the job offers in hand during the ongoing times? Dikhale suggests a few tips:

Read the financial statements for the past three-four quarters. Check out the company performance and growth potential.

Find out from current employees the environment in the organisation, since the last year or so.

Critically examine the job profile being offered as well as growth opportunities.

Check out if the organisation provides developmental opportunities by way of training and skill enhancement. It is important that HR in the organisation is active.

Most importantly, let compensation not be the most important factor influencing your decision.

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