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..."the feeling of the rose"...

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sunny ..."the feeling of the rose"...

Post by roshini on Tue Mar 30, 2010 10:55 pm

The Feeling of The Rose

Everything is decay, in lethargy I lay on the endless field, though I know that nomore I'll stand up

for my strength has gone away and nothing will be the same as before

Darkness is eating slowly, the little hope of light shining around me. And yet I am watching you can you feel my eyes screaming ?

Before meeting you, i used to read stories about prince and princesses falling in love. Living in far and remote lands where joy chase hatred and sadness from their doors.

I dreamt of someone of my own, every night coming in my dreams, caressing my soul with his tender touch, his face unknown to me. I loved to dream but I won't dream anymore...

One day you saw me, you fell in love with my eyes. I didn't speak a word, I didn't whisper my love to you, but you could understand me and made me yours, I was then a seed..

But why it had not to last anymore, I feel so tired, eaten by bitterness, I am losing my vivid color, my blood is cold, you fed me, nomore

You were my water, the precious sunrays, every drop sliding down my heart at every dawn, the sunset of my life, my clouds when it's too hot...

Every rose has a thorn, but people never see it. Every human have a past when unveiled it stabs and they are left alone... you went away, having a last look back

I waited silently on the place where you met me, I read those places have a sparkle of magic. I stayed there with my love for you dying as I breath, dying with me

I read stories of princesses and prince being happy together, but my life wasn't like theirs, my life wasn't a fairytale... my flesh and beauty withered on the book staining the pages with the burden I brought

I lie alone on the vivid grass, living as seasons goes by, hoping to be one with time before I ceased to be me the day you went.

A rose never becomes a rose when it's a seed with no sun and water to find its existance in this world....

"You can't tell time, time tells you."

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