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Simply Divine Frendship !!


Frenz 4 Ever Simply Divine Frendship !!

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:17 pm

Simply Divine Frendship !!

It's said that opposite of love... is not "HATE"

Its fear ...
Fear based behaviour between friends includes
envy, mistrust, and suspicion...

when we act out of fear, we dont just hurt others, we hurt ourself too

How can we be guided by love in our friendship ??

In Friendship when love guides us, ego vanishes,
along with pride needs and expectations...
Which are replaced with, Respect, Honesty and Unconditional love...

Imagine what such a friendship whould be like...

what if You had a friend ...

With whom you can always be honest and open,
Who takes you at face value
Who always respects you
Who helps you discover a new world within you
Who doens't expect you to be other than who you are,
Who is always there to catch you when you fall,
Who never stops beliving in you,
Who you can always rely upon,
Who never judges you,
Who has endles patience with you,
Who hears the meaning behind your words
With whom you can laugh and cry unselfconciously
Who finds new and special ways to show that you'er valued,
With whome words aren't necessary for understanding
Who feels as familiar to you as the other half of your soul...

"The Only Way To Have True Friends In Your Life, Is To Be One Yourself..." - -By Unkonwn Author .

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