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Venus Trines at Midnight


Flower Venus Trines at Midnight

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 20, 2010 10:24 am

Why do I fight sleep so hard?
You're a fine one to ask, I must say

as if you didn't know
how I toss and turn in my bed each night
listening to the sheep dog snore
muffled sounds outside the door
a scream on the street that dies away
then far-off laughter

the witching hour passes
leaving the same , old, empty ache
like a wisdom tooth
with a cavity that needs filling

by two am or so
the shadows seem to take form and shape
but nothing especially familiar

finally, I sink into sleep
where you wait
and it happens
again and again
three times

then suddenly, angrily
I leap out of slumber
to stay up till dawn
reading and eating cinnamon toast

Look, something just has to be done
I refuse to have an affair with a ghost

Now that we're so intimately acquainted in dreams
for old times' sake
couldn't I run into your arms just once
when we're alone and awake?

-Linda Goodman

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