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What is love


What is love

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 22, 2010 10:03 pm

What is love you may ask
Itís the feeling that will never pass
That will always be there when the person has left
When you can hear your heart beat in your chest
Love is crazy in so many ways
People love and people change
You wonder why when you look into there eyes
Will they be there forever or is it a lie
When feelings are to strong things can go wrong
When emotions die people cry
Can love last forever people may ask
Like I said love will never pass
It will only hide deep in your heart
But it wonít get in the way for a new love to start
You can love someone forever and mean what you say
But like I said once
People love and people change
Love is a wonderful thing
When youíre in love you shouldnít be ashamed
You should be proud and write there name
All over the place
Show that there not a disgrace
I love this guy
Thatís not a lie
I love him so much I will cry if he died
No one wants to be left alone
No one wants to feel there heart be torn
You have to love the best you can
You have to prove that you can handle them
In your life
You canít take the knife and run away
You canít show that youíre afraid
Cuz love is love and that is that
You can do anything donít believe you canít

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