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..."prince charming"...

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..."prince charming"...

Post by roshini on Wed Dec 24, 2008 8:52 pm

In every good fairy tale there is a Prince Charming,

But what you don't read can be quite alarming.

Endowed with charming manners,

These men are the best enchanters.

In big shinning armor and upon a white steed,

These men can't do anything short of mislead.

They walk with stature and undeniable grace,

But after a night of dancing your toes will have to be replaced.

They rescue fair maidens and are quite bold,

But they whine and complain with an oncoming cold.

If you marry him you can become queen,

But let's face the facts you're only fifteen.

He can't possibly stay gorgeous forever,

He'll get gray hair or lose it, whichever.

He's wonderful, romantic, spontaneous and great,

But all that's talking is your teenage psychological state.

He's a sweet talker; he'll tell you what you want to hear,

But is he really telling the truth when he says, 'I love you dear.'

He's Prince Charming, he's perfect, and he never does anything wrong,

But I still get annoyed when he goes to boring football games and drags me along.

For all his imperfects, I'll still love him so.

He might seem like Prince Charming but he's not, as far as I know.

But I still like to believe that he's my frog prince,

That was bestowed with a curse of imperfectness...


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