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~* I Only Play For Keeps *~


Love ~* I Only Play For Keeps *~

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:59 pm

When I love, I love hard
and I only play for keeps
No need for childish games

Everything that's mine is yours
The last dollar in my pocket
The last minute of every day

Your pain is now my pain
I will care for you if you're sick
cuz if you're not well, neither am I

I want to share your triumphs
I will cheer you on to the finish line
And tell you how proud of you I am

When you fail I will encourage you
to keep trying and never give up
Because I truly believe in you

If ever you need me, I'll be there
you are never a pest or a bother
I'm happy to be a part of your life

If you want to cry, use my shoulder
I'll think of you no less, its ok
I will hold you and cry with you

Advice, I can share with you
When you don't know what to do
I can try to help in every way

No one can see how big my love is
its big enough to love you for a lifetime
but small enough to fit in my heart

Because when I love, I love hard
with time you will see, the real me
... I only play for keeps

by erenteria30

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