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~* I Miss You Jus Badly *~


Love ~* I Miss You Jus Badly *~

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:34 pm

I am sitting here, the tears are falling down my cheeks
Missing you is what I do for weeks
Just missing your words, missing what you write
I think of you every day and night
The longer you stay away
The more I miss you day by day

What is it why I love you so
Cause thinking about it I canít let go
What happened to me? Why canít I walk away?
Cause thereís no reason for me to stay
Why is my head telling me to give up on you?
While my heart is saying I must never do
Desperate I am I follow my heart
Only to not fall a part
Cause I am empty without you
Cause loving you is all I do
When youíre gone, what is there to love?
When youíre gone who am I suppose to think of?
My heart is beating only for you
Will it stop beating when we are trough?

Look at me I am writing a poem here
You have changed me thatís why I fear
I am afraid of what I will be
When I know I am another me
You made me how I am today
What am I when you are away?
Will I turn into the girl I used to be?
Or will I be another me?

I donít want to change cause this is the real me
Keep me from the misery
Stay close, donít let me fall
Cause youíre the one, the best of all

I must say you are the only one that saw the real me
I wasnít afraid to show you how I can be
You saw every good and bad
And it didnít make you mad
You understood all the things I have done
Thatís why you are The One
You have patience when I get mad
You give comfort when I am sad
You give your word when I am not sure
Thatís why I want you more and more
You know me better then I know me
Thatís why I hope it will be
You fill up what I miss
Thatís why I am longing for your kiss

You can make everything allright
Thatís why I want you every day and night
With you I feel complete and free
Cause with you I am ME

I miss You, I need You, I want You, I Luv You madly Sweetheart !!

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