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First Class Interpreter !!


Big grin First Class Interpreter !!

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:43 pm

Canadian Citizenship Application

An immigrant from China is applying for citizenship in Canada. He is to be interviewed by a Canadian immigration officer. He does not speak English well and knows nothing about Canada. Therefore, he invited a special translator to help him in his interview.

Officer: Do you know who was the first Prime Minister of Canada?

Translator: ( in Cantonese) The officer asked you, Where do you usually go if you want to eat hamburger?

Man: (answered to the officer) Oh..... McDonald (the first minister of Canada is Sir John MacDonald.) :))

The officer nodded his head and then asked the second question.

Officer: Could you tell me which province you're living in now?

Translator: (in Cantonese) The officer just asked you, What is the dirtiest thing in your nose?

Man: (replied to the officer in Cantonese) Ah..... Bay See (which means nose dirt in Chinese) lolzzz

(The man lives in the province of British Columbia, commonly known as B.C.)

The officer added a current affair question, "Who is the prime minister of Canada now?"

The translator speaks in Cantonese, "What's that part of the face below your lips and above your neck?"

Man replied "Har Per". (which means chin in Cantonese) (The current prime minister of Canada is Prime Minister Stephen Harper) :-D

The officer nodded his head again and asked the final question.

Officer: Do you know what your privilege is when you become Canadian?

Translator: (in Cantonese) The officer asked you, How does a dog sounds like when it barks?

Man: (demonstrated the sound to the officer)... Woe, Woe. (Vote, Vote. One of the privileges of a Canadian is the right to vote.) =))

The officer told the man that all the questions were answered correctly, shook hands with him and congratulated him that he had passed the interview to be a Canadian citizen. :-P

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