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Few Questions To Bill Gates


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Few Questions To Bill Gates

Post by Baba on Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:23 am

*Bill Gates has resigned as the 'Chairman of Microsoft' after receiving a letter from kuppuswamy. It reads*:


I have some questions for you.... Please *yanswer* them:

*Nambar wan*) The keyboard alphabets are not in order, when will you launch the correct version?

*Nambar too*) There is yeh 'Start' button... but no 'Stop' button... where it is?

*Nambar tree*) I have already learned Microsoft Word, when are you " *laanching*" Microsoft Sentence?

*Nambar for*) There is yeh Recycle bin... but...there is nobody coming to collect that bin. Why???

Your name is *Bill*... But in India they orr selling computers without *Bill*... Why???

*Yand finally yeh personal question*:
Your surname is *Gates*... But you are selling *Windows*... Why saar why??
lol3 lol3 lol3

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