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Cut it or don't!!!!


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Cut it or don't!!!!

Post by Baba on Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:08 pm

Wife: Can I cut my hair and make it short?
Husband: Cut it.

W: I took lot of efforts to grow it long..
H: Then don't cut it

W: They say short hair is the fashion these days..
H: Then cut it

W: What if the fashion changes after I cut?
H: Then don't cut it

W: All my friends say that I will look beautiful with a short hair..
H: Then cut it

W: But I doubt whether short hair will suit my small face..
H: Then don't cut it

W: But short hair is very easy to manage..
H: Then cut it

W: But how can I wear flowers in my hair. I love to wear flowers.
H: Then don't cut it

W: I think there is nothing wrong in trying once...
H: Then cut it

W: But it may take a long time to grow hair again.
H: Then don't cut it

W: Still I feel like giving it a try once
H: Then cut it

W: If I look ugly after cutting my hair ....
H: Then don't cut it

.The husband is undergoing treatment in a mental hospital presently.
He doesn't speak anything except two sentences." Then cut it and then don't cut it."
The doctors wonder what is to be cut.
They are conducting all tests.
They also intend getting expert advice from Doctors abroad!

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