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The window


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The window

Post by Baba on Wed Nov 14, 2018 9:12 pm

Two students go to physics oral exam. The first goes in the class and the professor begins with the questions:

Lets say you are traveling by train and its getting hot. What will you do?

Open the window. he answers.

Very good! The professor continues

*The window has a surface of 1.5 m2, the compartment has a volume of 12 m3, the train speeds 80 km / h to the west, the south wind blowing at 5 m/s. How quickly will the space be refreshed?*

The student does not know the answer and fails the exam. He gets out and tells the other student the question he was asked.

The second student goes in, and the professor begins with the questions:

Lets say you are traveling by train and getting hot. What will you do?

Take off the coat - answers the student.

"It's very hot!" Continues the professor.

Take off my shirt and my vest.

It's very very hot!
Barks the Professor.

Will take off the pants and socks answers the student.

"What if someone comes and tries to misbehave with you,"? said the angry professor.

*O yea, whatever happens, I am not opening the window!*

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