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~* Our Long Distance Love *~


Love ~* Our Long Distance Love *~

Post by Guest on Mon May 03, 2010 12:27 am

Though I may cry and though I may weep;
I know you may be far but in my heart I shall keep.

Thoughts of you have made my days bright;
I wish to kiss your lips and hold you tight.

I know, at times, I can be hard to understand;
With all of the wonderful things I know is at hand..

Why should I let tears fall from my face?
Why not a smile to wear in their place?

Because I need you here and in my arms;
Because I know in your love, I shall never no harm.

Because as I lie in bed these countless nights;
I wish and I pray that I could take flight.

Over the miles that come between;
Over the fields and across every stream.

That I could rest soundly within your space;
Gaze into your eyes and caress your face.

Whisper my love into your ear;
Tell you all of the words I've wanted you to hear.

But then I awake, alone in my bed;
Thoughts, all of you, running through my head.

I know that someday my dreams will come true;
I wish and I pray that "someday" will be soon.

You are my one and only, love
This is the one thing I couldn't be more sure of.

I've waited my entire life for you;
What's a little more time, for something so true?

But I cannot promise that I never shall cry;
On those nights, to you, that I wish I could fly.

- KrazyKernal

Love Re: ~* Our Long Distance Love *~

Post by Guest on Mon May 03, 2010 7:08 pm

wow superb one bhai

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