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~* I just want to see as many sweet smiles *~


Flower ~* I just want to see as many sweet smiles *~

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:02 am

I just want to see as many sweet smiles,
As long as we walk together for miles..
We'll get over our fears with our cheers,
When life brings us nothing but tears.

Don't wonder and wander for so long,
Paint on a canvas or just sing a song, .
Smiling at troubles that come like rain,
we'll Sweetly, silently overcome our pain.

It's not such an hard a case of mystery,
Your smiles do come from heaven with glee,

It's right on your lips as it should be,
And I love to see you smile back at me..

I feel really happy when I see you smile,
Even when I'm sad and lonely for a while..
Your smiles take me to a world somewhere,
A place so serene, Id forever stay there.

It is not only me but it is also you,
Who gave me a reason for a smile too..

Our smile helped us take a worthy strife,
Helped us to openly appreciate our life..
It proves a smile is so well and powerful,
When a simple sweet smile becomes so beautiful..

I have learned to smile in whatever I do,
Seeing you smile brings me joy when blue...

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